Sustainable Tourism WEBINARS



Webinar Series 2017


Webinar 7. Tourism and Sustainable Food Management, 20 September 2017

Moderator: Dr. Dirk Glaesser (UNWTO)

Speakers: Mr. Nout van der Vaart (Humanist Institute for Co-operation with Developing Countries), Ms. Wendy Moore (The Travel Foundation), Mr. Terry Brown (The Travel Foundation), Prof. Dagmar Lund-Durlacher (MODUL University Vienna), Mr. Benjamin Lephilibert (LightBlue Environmental Consulting)

Participants: 115 (84 women, 31 men)
Objectives: The three objectives of the webinar were to:
- Provided examples of methodologies for management of food & beverage value chains in the tourism industry;
- Discussed benefits of food waste prevention;
- Presented approaches to integrate small, local producers into a large, mainstream tourism value chains.
For more information on the Webinar, please download the technical note and presentation material.


Webinar 6. Financial tools for the sustainable development of tourism enterprises, 26 June 2017


Moderator: Florence Levasseur (Simplification CCI France)

Speakers: Yannick Pecherand (BPI France), Aude Andrup (ADEME) Abdeliah Lahchimi (Consultant, Tourism and handicrafts)

The aim of the webinar series on sustainable tourism and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) was to enable stakeholders from the public sector, private sector, academia and civil society to learn more about the tools, methodologies and best practices in the development of sustainable and environmentally friendly tourism activities. The webinar primarily addressed at Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs), which are particularly concerned by the search for funding for the implementation of more sustainable activities. Indeed, the cost and the lack of profitability are often cited as obstacles to the implementation of sustainable tourism approaches.

This webinar was held in French and provided examples of financing tools in Morocco and France. For more information on the Webinar, please click here.



Webinar Series 2016


In 2016, the Coordination Desk of 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme promoted a series of five climate-related webinars, organized by UN Environment with support from France and Morocco, with participation of over 180 participants and hundreds of YouTube views. 


Webinar 5. Management of coastal and mountain tourism areas endangered by climate change, 14 December 2016

Moderator: Svitlana Mikhalyeva (UN Environment)

Speakers: Gérard Ruiz (National Association of French Elected Officials of Coastal Areas –ANEL-), Guillaume Cromer (ID-Tourism and Association of Actors of Sustainable Tourism)

Participants: 38

The discussions focused on effectively linking local, national and international measures to facilitate the sustainable management of costal and mountain tourism areas. The importance of adaptation and mitigation measures for the sustainable management of these areas. 

Webinar 4. Tourism transition at destination level: methodologies and innovative projects, 20 October 2016
Moderator: Eric Raulet (Defismed)

Speakers: Pierre Torrente (ISTHIA), Samiha Khelifa (University of Sousse, Tunisia)

Participants: 33 (18 women, 15 men)

The webinar highlighted the need for involving a wide range of stakeholders, including local communities and civil society members, and developing a bottom-up communication channels in establishing long-term sustainable solutions for tourism development.  

Webinar 3. Sustainable mobility as leverage of reduction of CO2 emissions in tourism sector, 23 September 2016
Moderator: Svitlana Mikhalyeva (UN Environment)

Speakers: Patrick Oliva (Michelin Group), Ghislain Dubois (TEC), Hugo Chauvin (Carte Blanche Conseil)

Participants: 42 (19 women, 23 men)

The discussion was centered around mobility and tourism - two highly interconnected areas in the decarbonisation efforts. The webinar underlined the role of multi-modal transportation and the shift from aviation to rail transportation in reducing carbon footprint of tourist travels.  


Webinar 2. The Paris Climate Change Agreement and its implications for tourism, 6 June 2016

Moderator: Deirdre Shurland (UN Environment)

Speakers: Dr. Daniel Scott (University of Waterloo, Canada), Dr. Stefan Gössling (Lund University, Sweden)

Participants: 41 (20 women, 21 men)

The webinar focused on the Paris Agreement, adopted by 190+ countries in Paris, December 2015, which aims to ¨hold the increase in the global average temperature to well below 2 °C above pre-industrial levels and to pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5 °C above pre-industrial levels¨. The dialogue highlighted the immediate need for sector specific targets for the tourism sector to effectively contribute to the 2030 Agenda. 


Webinar 1. World Heritage & Tourism in a changing climate, 26 May 2016

Moderator: Helena Rey  (UN Environment)

Speakers: Peter Debrine (UNESCO World Heritage Centre), Adam Markham (Union of Concerned Scientists)

Participants: 42 (22 women, 20 men)

The webinar discussed the need to improve collaboration with national multi-stakeholder networks to build resilience to develop destination-level data sets. The discussion also emphasized the role of effective monitoring and data collection practices in protecting World Heritage Sites. 


Please find further information in the technical briefs:

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