10YFP STP Portfolio of Work


The 10YFP STP Portfolio of Work is a tool for programme Actors (Lead, Co-leads, MAC members and Partners) to include new and ongoing initiatives and activities under the umbrella of the programme, given their potential to advance sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in the tourism sector. 

The 10YFP STP Portfolio Exercise for 2016 has been linked to the 10YFP Indicators for Success which are common to all 10YFP programmes and were defined through a participatory exercise in November 2016. For more information on the indicators, please download the full 10YFP Indicators of Success document.

A total of 47 members of the 10YFP STP network linked over 135 initiatives to the Portfolio for 2016, resulting in an overall value of USD 12 million[1]. The table below shows the results achieved per 10YFP Indicator. For more information on the Portfolio initiatives, please download the full Progress Report for 2016.

For additional information on the Portfolio, please access the full version of the Portfolio Data for 2016

For information on the Portfolio for 2015, please access the Progress Report for 2015 and the full version of the Portfolio Data for 2015.

10YFP STP actors can also request the use of the programme’s logo for initiatives (activities/ projects/ events) that are contributing to 10YFP STP objectives, please download the Branding and Logo Guidelines for 10YFP Programmes and the application form template and submit your application to stp10yfp@unwto.org

[1] Portfolio value is calculated using figures reported by network members. The aggregated figure only includes activity budgets for the year 2016.


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