National, Regional or Local Governments and Agencies 
International Organizations 
Non-governmental Organizations, Foundations, Civil Society 
Academic Institutions and Research Centers
Industry, Individual Companies, Private Sector Representatives - for profit
Industry Associations, Business Organizations – not for profit 
Technical Centres and Service Providers
  • Asia Society for Social Improvement and Sustainable Transformation (ASSIST), Philippines, 
  • Centre for Sustainable Industrial Development, SPPC, Lithuania 
  • Centro Nacional de Producción Más Limpia, Colombia,
  • Grupo GEA, Centre of Ecoefficiency and Social Responsibility, Peru,
  • Industrial Research Institute/ Lebanese Cleaner Production Center (LCPC), Lebanon, 
  • National Center for Sustainable Production and Consumption (NCSPC), Romania,
  • National Cleaner Production Center, Nicaragua,
  • Social and Environmental Responsibility Centre (SERC), Bulgaria,
  • Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda, Kenya,
  • Vietnam Cleaner Production Centre (VNCPC), Vietnam,
Partnerships. Networks and Consortia