UNWTO calls for contributions for a study on Climate Change Initiatives in tourism across Asia and the Pacific.

05 Sep 11

UNWTO is calling for contributions for a study on Climate Change Initiatives in the tourism sector across Asia and the Pacific.

The objective of the study is to highlight various positive initiatives emerging in the region, whilst also providing a valuable resource that will increase awareness of climate change as it impacts upon tourism in Asia and the Pacific. This report will be the first UNWTO publication to focus on policies and initiatives which have been implemented on all levels of the tourism sector across Asia and the Pacific.

At the second International Conference on Climate Change and Tourism, held in 2007 in Davos, Switzerland, climate change was recognised as one of the greatest challenges to sustainable development in tourism. Global changes in weather patterns will have a direct impact in the foreseeable future on a variety of tourist attractions, and thus, on tourist related businesses. For this reason, the tourism industry is faced with a unique and complex challenge – to not only mitigate its contribution to climate change, but to also develop adaptive strategies to cope with global effects which are predicted to occur as a result of climate change.

The study, entitled “Responding to Climate Change – an Examination of Tourism Initiatives across Asia and the Pacific”, will provide a catalogue of key climate-related policies and initiatives being implemented for, or impacting on, tourism across the region. The study will include policies and best-practice initiatives by national and regional governments, public and private organizations and tourism operators across the region, demonstrating action taken to adapt to, or mitigate the effects of climate change. It will also feature a background assessment of the impacts of climate change across Asia and the Pacific.

We therefore encourage all parties who are interested in appearing in the study to submit an expression of interest* to asia@unwto.org. Contributions are welcome from, but not limited to, academics, government representatives, tourism practitioners, and any other stakeholders interested in the topic. Nominations of hospitality and tourism enterprises which address issues of climate change, such as reducing carbon emissions, are also encouraged.

For further information, or to send an expression of interest, please contact:

Nicole Cocolas
Regional Programme for Asia and the Pacific
World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)
Telephone: +34 91 567 93 15
Email: asia@unwto.org


* Once the expression of interest is received, contributors will be contacted for further information.