One Planet - Sustainable Tourism network: Portfolio of Work


The Portfolio of Work is a tool for programme Actors (Lead, Co-leads, MAC members and Partners) to include new and ongoing initiatives and activities under the umbrella of the programme, given their potential to advance sustainable consumption and production (SCP) in the tourism sector. 

The engagement of network members with the Portfolio has increased progressively since the Sustainable Tourism Programme started pioneering this mechanism in 2015 to aggregate the efforts of its members towards shared goals. Overall, a total of over 90 actors representing 65% of the total members (from 16 actors in 2015) have linked over 390 activities implemented in 2015, 2016 and 2017 to the programme resulting in a Portfolio value of over USD 25 million [1]

Since 2016, the Portfolio has been linked to the 10YFP Indicators for Success which are common to all 10YFP programmes. For more information on the indicators, please download the full 10YFP Indicators of Success document.

For additional information on the Portfolio, please access the Progress Reports for 2015, Progress Reports for 2016 and Progress Reports for 2017 or download the Portfolio Data Files for 2015, Portfolio Data Files for 2016, and Portfolio Data Files for 2015-2017.

[1] Portfolio value is calculated using figures reported by network members.


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