Training on Tourism and Biodiversity: Biodiversity-based Tourism Product Development (2011)

The first UNWTO Training Course on Tourism and Biodiversity was held at UNWTO headquarters and centered around the theme "Biodiversity Based Tourism Product Development" (5-7 July 2011, Madrid, Spain). The three-day training consisted of theoretical lectures, practical exercises (working groups) and a technical visit to the Monfragüe National Park in the Spanish province of Extremadura. This visit was organized in cooperation with the Spanish Tourism Environmental Authorities.

The primary goal of the course was to give participants an understanding of the topic Biodiversity-based Tourism Product Development and to improve the knowledge and discuss biodiversity related tourism products in protected areas, using the Monfragüe National Park as an example. More specifically, the course had the objective to transfer knowledge on:

  • How to harmonize tourism development and conservation with sustainable use of biological diversity,
  • How to increase local participation in tourism development, in particular in ecologically, socially and economically sensitive areas,
  • How to design and market biodiversity based tourism products,
  • How the tourism sector at the local level can contribute to mitigation of Green House Gases (GHG) and adapt to climate change impacts.

The target group of the training course was primarily members of UNWTO.  In total, eighteen people participated in the workshop, which included ten members from Bhutan, Cameroon, Chad, Cyprus, Iraq, Madagascar, Morocco, Nigeria, Seychelles and Uruguay. An additional eight participants were from the private tourism sector, from universities and independent experts in the field of sustainable tourism.










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