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The 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme (STP) promotes and enables transformation of the tourism sector for enhanced sustainability, through evidence-based decision making, efficiency, innovation, collaboration among stakeholders, monitoring and the adoption of a life cycle approach for continuous improvement.

The 10YFP STP has four Programme of Work Areas (PWA) which were defined within the Concept Note:

Policy: As sustainable tourism approaches are too often ad hoc and with minimum commitment in evidence towards long-term strategic planning, PWA1 has the objective to strengthen sustainable tourism policy making and to enable and encourage relevant stakeholders to plan, manage and monitor tourism in close interaction and according to principles of SCP, social equity, good governance, transparency. The proposed sequence of action involves the promotion of the integration of SCP principles into tourism policies and legal frameworks; fostering the implementation of these policies; and monitoring progress.

Evidence:Since the tourism value chain has the potential to be used as an important infrastructure to promote behavioural change, PWA 2 has the objective to promote multistakeholder partnerships as the key for implementation success, which will result in strengthened cross-sector collaboration, including the private sector and local communities, and synergies with other stakeholders. The proposed sequence of action involves the promotion of data sharing and the exchange of information; fostering joint action and tourism stakeholder collaboration at all levels; strengthening technical competences in tourism (future) stakeholders; and establishing monitoring frameworks and systems to measure the sector’s progress towards sustainability.

Practice: As the adoption of sustainability tools and standards are not yet fully prioritized at the destination, enterprise and SME levels, PWA 3 has the objective to research and exchange best practices and experiences to identify existing and effective sustainability tools and the requirements to overcome bottlenecks for further and more effective application. The proposed sequence of action involves the use of integrated tools for promoting SCP both in destination and tourism enterprises; promoting research and action on priority issues for SCP within the tourism value chain; and influencing consumers towards sustainable buying decisions and travel behaviour.

Finance: Since the tourism sector is still affected by a lack of access to markets and capital (especially for MSMEs where sustainable investments prevail), PWA 4 has the objective to raise awareness of political actors, private investors, donors, developers and operators on the need to establish sustainable financing schemes and an investment-friendly macro-economic policy framework. The proposed sequence of action involves the development and promotion of sustainable tourism investment and financing tools; enabling the destinations and tourism enterprises to apply sustainable tourism investment and financing tools; and mainstreaming sustainable tourism investment and financing tools.


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