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Advancing sustainable consumption and production in the tourism sector

The vision of the 10YFP Sustainable Tourism Programme (STP) is for a tourism sector that has globally adopted sustainable consumption and production (SCP) practices resulting in enhanced environmental and social outcomes and improved economic performance. The 10YFP STP offers a major opportunity to ensure that tourism contributes effectively to sustainable development, all within the framework of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a 10YFP programme, the 10YFP STP serves as a collaborative platform to bring together and scale up existing initiatives and partnerships and facilitate new projects and activities with potential to accelerate the shift to SCP. 

The 10YFP STP focusses on four areas of work: 1) Integrating SCP in tourism related policies and frameworks; 2) Collaboration among stakeholders for the improvement of the tourism sector's SCP performance; 3) Fostering the application of guidelines, tools and technical solutions to improve, mitigate and prevent tourism impacts and to mainstream SCP among tourism stakeholders; and 4) Enhancing sustainable tourism investment and financing. 

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has been appointed to lead the 10YFP STP, with the Governments of France (Ministry of the Environment, Energy and Marine Affairs), the Republic of Korea (Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Sports) and Morocco (Ministry of Tourism) serving as Co-Leads. 

A Multi-Stakeholder Advisory Committee (MAC), consisting of governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, private sector businesses, intergovernmental organizations as well as academia and UN agencies, is supporting the Lead and Co-Leads in their efforts to mainstream SCP in the tourism sector. For more information about the MAC members, please click here.

A number of Partners have also joined the 10YFP STP and are participating in its implementation. For more information about Partner entities, please click here. For more information on the roles and responsibilities of each 10YFP STP Actor and the operational mechanisms of the programme, please click here.

The 10YFP STP was launched in London, on 5 November 2014, on the occasion of the World Responsible Tourism Day, at World Travel Market (WTM) and is set to harness the power of the one billion tourists who travel the world every year as a force for good.

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What is the 10YFP

The 10-Year Framework of Programmes on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns (10YFP) is a global framework of action designed to enhance international cooperation to accelerate the shift towards SCP in both developed and developing countries.

Resolution 66/288 of the United Nations General Assembly reaffirmed that the promotion of sustainable patterns of consumption and production is among the general objectives and essential requirements for sustainable development and is essential to achieve fundamental changes in the way societies consume and produce, to achieve global sustainable development. In particular, A/CONF.216/5 provided the objectives of the 10YFP, its structure and the initial 10YFP programmes. One of these programmes is on Sustainable Tourism and was developed based on regional consultations, stock taking exercise and a global survey on existing data and initiatives on sustainable tourism, engaging nearly 400 actors, as well as relevant UN agencies, resolutions and programmes. This extensive consultation process led to the development of a Concept Note, which has been approved by the 10YFP Board.


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